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A Team of Personal & Private Chefs In Atlanta, Miami & More

While Chef Dee operated with only two employees for years as a primarily personal chef business located in Miami Florida, she came to understand that wearing too many hats, regardless of it being a chef’s hat…is never a sustainable idea. With that, she formedc a curated roster of talented, professional chefs. It is a portion of our agency that we truly love, one that supports the reason we chose The Cooking Collaborative name.

The Cooking Collaborative ‘collaborates’ with a variety of chefs with a multitude of skill sets and cuisine choices allowing us to lift young chefs into a realm of the culinary world that is both fair & rewarding which allows us to serve clients with the talent they may not have had the chance to experience before. We as a company dedicate time and energy to selecting a network of chefs that we feel confident in when it comes to their food skill sets, personality, cooking & eating ethos, as well as their professional demeanor. To be a selected chef at The Cooking Collaborative stretches far beyond just making great food.

We look for individuals that insert themselves into your home in a way that they soon appear as close as family while still holding the professionalism that is needed in a luxury service. We want our clients to know they have hired a chef that has both the talent & charm to make them feel at ease. While we have most of our personal chefs located in Atlanta and Miami, we have an array of personal and private chefs in most major metropolitan cities. Finding the perfect chef is only a call or email away. Get in touch with us to have a curated chef selected for your specific needs!

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