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atlanta private chef kitchen after cooking has been completed.

Atlanta Private Chef Services + Miami Private Chef Services | Example Menus

After being in personal chef services for many years, we find that a great deal of our inquires for chef services is to either eat a healthier diet, lose weight, change bloodwork, adapt family eating habits, or simply guarantee that healthy meals are being served. This means the many types of cuisines our chefs must be experts in is a wide range of options that are needed. We understand that our potential clients are eager to see what is possible before hiring one of our chefs. While each Miami or Atlanta’s chef has their own unique cooking style, we want to build trust even before a client is served. This post details how we meal plan and structure our menus, the order in which we recommend they are consumed, (if meal prep is the service) as well as how we execute menu preparation and storage to better outline how menu offerings can vary and be structured with our Atlanta and Miami personal or private chef services. Now, a few of the basics before getting into the details of our example menus.



Personal or Private Chef Services in Atlanta & Miami:

If you haven’t read our blog post on the difference between a personal chef and a private chef is, you’ll want to read that here. This is an important decision for you and or your family as menus will be planned differently dependant on the type of service you choose.

atlanta private chef kitchen after cooking has been completed.

Specialty Diets & Cuisines:

Miami Vegan or Vegetarian Personal Chef Services:

After our team has cooked for nearly 10+ years in the Miami vegan food scene, we would like to continue offering private and personal chef services to our Miami vegan & vegetarian clients. With an array of chefs focusing on nutrient-dense, nourishing, food-from-the-earth vegan dishes, we are pleased to continue serving Miami as a team of private and personal chefs. We like to provide specific details on vegan and vegetarian chef services as we have found many chefs are not well-versed in veganism in the way that we believe is necessary to provide a nutrient-dense diet. We believe in serving our client’s menu items that are amino acid-rich through an array of protein sources, one of which is from uncompromised, fresh ingredients. Our vegan cooking ethos aligns directly with an ‘eating from the earth’ mentality, one that shies away from pre-packaged ‘meat’ items. Due to this, we have a selected group of vegan chefs located in Miami and Atlanta that we believe understand the classically trained flavor-building practices that are necessary for delicious vegan cuisines, especially for those that are transitioning to a plant-based diet.

**This specialty diet offering is also available in Atlanta.

miami private chefs vegan prepared a broccoli tabbouleh

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome / Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & Comorbidities Dietary Cooking & Consulting:
If you would like to discuss the above specialty service for MCAS and/or EDS&Co. please copy and paste the above notation and send us an email for further information pertaining to these complex disorders. Chef Dee is not a licensed dietitian or physician however she can provide consulting services to medical professionals and patients as someone living with these disorders, one that has mastered the histamine bucket and the ability to eat freely with limited restriction due to culinary alterations and education. For more information on MCAS-focused culinary classes, click here.

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