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The Cooking Collaborative’s Atlanta & Miami personal chef placement service is one of our most popular offerings. While we primarily focus on providing Atlanta & Miami chefs for hire, we also serve NYC, Nashville, and Denver clients. Helping to serve families, couples, and individuals, The Cooking Collaborative has a chef that’s right for your exact needs. Our personal and private chef services focus entirely on the client’s needs while being able to accommodate all diets. We believe in nutrient-dense, nourishing, and honest cuisine while using fresh & pure ingredients. Our selected chefs specialize in vegetarian, vegan, paleo, dairy-free, and vibrant, seasonal dishes but are not limited to just these dietary specialties. Whether you’re looking to create a stronger, more health-conscious relationship with food, or simply save time with this luxury service, the decision is yours and we make it easy. From small celebratory gatherings to long-term professionally curated chef services, The Cooking Collaborative works hard to find & place exceptional & compatible chefs to serve you in your home. For a visual showcase of our personal chef work please click here.

For athlete managers needing macronutrient food preparation or nutrition-aligned chef services please contact us with ‘athlete chef services’ in the subject line + location via email.


The client dietary assessment is required for services to be rendered so that we are familiar with your current eating habits, any potential allergies, as well as your desired healthy eating changes to be made. This helps us better understand your needs to serve you better. Once submitted our team will review its details.

To proceed with services, a client contract will be signed to ensure both parties understand and agree to the terms to establish clear expectations during services being rendered.

Upon receiving both forms, the desired service days will be determined and scheduled.

The assigned chef will create a menu based on your assessment and share it with you via email for review and/or changes.

Once the menus are confirmed, the chef will source from purveyors, local farms, and grocery stores prior to the service days.

The chef will come to your home to prepare, package or serve meals, label them, store them, and handle the clean-up

  • Full Time Private Chef

  • $ $$$$
  • This service is daily taking place on business days with the option to include weekends. This is a service where a chef provides breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or dessert and snacks; created for individuals and families with a busy lifestyle. Allow us to handle your culinary needs and ensure it’s done right.
  • Part-Time Personal Chef

  • $ $$$
    Daily Rate
  • This service includes a part-time personal chef serving 1-3 full-day sessions per week. Based on the client’s needs it may be customized to your liking whether that be a chef that prepares and serves you a full day’s worth of meals, or a chef that works to meal prep for a few days without meal service.
  • One-Off Service/Gathering

  • $ $$$
  • This service is offered for special events or to simply hire a chef for one session. This service can be utilized for anniversaries, bachelorettes, birthdays, small gatherings, holidays, and more. The Cooking Collaborative offers in-house chef services for groups of 20 or less with our in-home personal chef services.

We reserve the right to limit cooking times to 8 hours per day to ensure the best chef services through well-rested, motivated, and well-planned chefs.

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