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Chefs, Designers, Copywriters, & Creative Marketing Professionals at your service to transform your brand.

Brand Makeover Package

Brand Makeover Package:

This package provides a detailed rebranding of your culinary food business by understanding your current brand and future growth vision through photography rebranding, brand voice & ethos, detailed copywriting, and establishing lasting visual creative changes.  

*3-month retainer requirement*


Team Headshots Package

Team Headshots Package:

This package allows culinary brands to showcase their valued team through headshots that align with your visual story and brand. This service is limited to teams of 15 or fewer. For teams larger than 15 employees, please inquire via email regarding pricing.

STARTING AT $650.00 / 2-hour session

Creative Instagram Marketing & Management

Product Photography Package:

This package is for brands looking for simple food photography of their product without the need for recipe development. This service is able to be customized to meet the needs of the client however recipes/visual dishes are not able to be created with this service. Developed specifically for e-commerce-styled imagery as well as product-focused imagery to be supported with visual element enhancements.


Team Headshots Package

Hospitality Photography Package:

This package provides hospitality photography in the form of interior and exterior grounds photography, food photography, and lifestyle photography for hotels, restaurants, and tourism-related businesses.

This service is often combined with other hospitality & social media services. Inquire for further details.


Creative Instagram Marketing & Management

Social Media Management:

This package provides creative management for food-focused & health-related brands through visual & copywriting changes to your social media platforms. This can include cross-platform posting & management through food photography + stylistic changes, and alterations to your brand ethos & voice. We recommend that all brands seeking this package purchase the brand makeover package first if your current brand wants to change stylistically. This package also includes targeted engagement services for social media growth.

STARTING AT $4000.00/month | *only offered as a retainer-based service*

*Influencer marketing management services are not included in this package.

Brand Makeover Package

Farm Photography Package:

This package provides organic farmers the opportunity to utilize professional farm and farm product photography in their marketing collateral to stand out from the crowd in this space. We specialize in small-scale farm photography as a token of appreciation to our farmers focused on sustainable agriculture at a reduced price.



Depending on the selected service, our initial consultation meeting can include defining the project scope, setting design goals & potential KPIs, brainstorming the client’s wants & needs, and making decisions as a team. At this time we will discuss ideas and potential challenges and advise the client on how we combat these potential pitfalls. Additionally, we are able to discuss feasibility timelines and budget constraints. Ultimately, our goal in the initial consultation is to create a comprehensive design plan that meets the project’s requirements and objectives to deliver the best product possible.

During this phase we review & research your product, brand, sector, service and/or offerings so that we may provide accurate copy and/or content that aligns with your business. Most importantly, we delve into a thorough analysis of the brand’s current identity, values, audience, and competitive landscape when rebranding is selected. 


This helps us to better understand how to implement a brand strategy, identity, and vision that resonates with your target audience.

This is the phase where we get to work on your creative product that has been purchased. In this phase, we develop the brand persona, customer alias, visual identity, and ideation through the use of food photography & styling, color palettes, typography, and tone of voice guidelines.

Additionally, we will begin working with your culinary or hospitality team depending on the service selected. Our team will help to organize all the needs for executing your project whether that be organizing photoshoots and styling, site visits, or guidance for your team. For projects that do not require in-person sessions, our team will communicate directly with your leadership team on the status of the project deliverables.

In the final phase, we deliver one-off projects to the client or direct the ongoing management of the project to our team for review & follow-through. With projects such as social media management or retainer-based projects, this will be a process that unfolds based on the selected contract. At this time clients will be provided the license that has been purchased with their photography or creative service.