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Corporate Wellness In Atlanta

The Cooking Collaborative provides corporate wellness in Atlanta & surrounding areas to medium & large-sized businesses to provide culinary wellness activities. Through health-conscious demonstrations, activities, presentations, and even culinary games, we are able to contribute to employee health improvements.

Our Atlanta corporate wellness programs allow teams to participate in health-focused initiatives that promote healthy eating, team building, and lifestyle modifications. Studies show workplace wellness programs reduce healthcare costs, reduce absenteeism, and turnover while improving employee health and well-being. We have provided services to numerous companies and local government offices with programs that have been paid for by their health insurance provider. To find out more about how insurance is often involved in paying for these types of incentives read our blog post here.

We work closely with insurance brokers in the areas served to help enhance their clients health and wellness needs. In partnership, we create a win-win result for all parties invloved.

Potential Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs:

Employee Benefits:

Reduce personal healthcare expenses.

Educates employees on healthy lifestyle habits.

Reduce healthcare expenses.

Enhances teamwork & workplace relationships.

Enhances teamwork & workplace relationships.

Business Benefits:

Improves company culture.

Reduce healthcare expenses.

Improves employee morale & trust.

Increases attendance & productivity.

Creates a positive work environment.