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"Dee came to us by a recommendation from another chef that highly recommended her talent and work ethic. From the moment we met I loved her demeanor, passion, and her ability to quickly come up with a plan. She has always been professional and well organized in her business and is extremely caring, easy to be around and quickly became a part of our family. Her knowledge of nutrition and different cuisines allowed us to expand on our typical menu and similarly if I had a particular need for a special diet she was always prepared and able to execute. As I got to know her better I was amazed at how accomplished and independent she was at her young age as a business owner and in her personal life. She is extremely versatile and capable to take on any challenge."

Sari Shore | Client of 7+ Years,

"Amazing private chef services! I highly recommend! Thanks for the delicious and healthy meals. No more stressing out about meal planning and grocery shopping. You're the best! Lindsey's (11yrs old) review: "I ate the fish Deanna made and didn't die." It's a rave review!

Samantha Murphy, Private Chef Client

"I think the world of Chef Dee and her team! She is truly dedicated to providing nutritious (and yummy) meals - I've been alongside her when shopping for ingredients and she will stop at nothing to get the best for her clients. You can always taste in a meal whether the chef made it with love and care, and that is reflected in every dish I've ever tried from Chef Dee! I highly recommend The Cooking Collaborative for events and personal chef services!"

DeAnna McIntosh, Retailing Evolved

"The Cooking Collabrative came into my office during our corporate wellness day and made such yummy smoothies! Deanna walked everyone through the ingredients, how to pick them, the benefits of adding them and where to buy them. It was very informative for my team and it tasted great too. Highly suggest using them for your next event!!"

Christina Ivory, CareCloud

I've attended a few of The Cooking Collaborative's..

Mary Worlds