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Corporate Wellness Atlanta Programming: Healthy Flip Cup Hour

This Atlanta corporate wellness program is an extremely fun activity for companies that pride themselves on their ability to provide an exciting company culture and work to improve employee morale. Most of us working in the corporate world have been to college or we’ve been young adults at one time playing the infamous game of “flip cup.” Instead of the traditional beer-based game, we replace this with nourishing flavored waters, juices, and/or smoothies to have some fun and a mental boost during a mid-day slump. While juices and smoothies can be sugary or result in “brain-freeze,” we provide options for you to choose from that make the most sense in your workplace.

With this corporate wellness game, you may either make it an hour of a demo and a game of flip cup or an hour and a half with the option of quiz-based flip cup where we test what your team learns based on a “boosting our basic nutrition” cooking demo. This is a great alternative to just a demo & game as your employees are exposed to additional ingredients that can help boost the nutrient density of their diet.


Nothing says corporate wellness in Atlanta like Healthy Flip Cup!

Ready, Set, Chug! Not quite yet we’ll say. Before we play a healthy & active game of corporate flip cup, we’ll start off by making two drink options, with the chef finishing one as the games begin. During the demonstration, a chef will also pass around certain ingredients with nutritional benefits for the group to review while also discussing each of them. These ingredients are added perks to a diet that is rich in nutrient-dense foods, of which are easy to incorporate into our every day routines. 

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